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Michael Cohen and Ken Lee
August 21, 2012 10:45 AM

After an initial autopsy was performed Monday, authorities are continuing their probe into filmmaker’s Tony Scott’s shocking death on Sunday.

Central to the investigation is why the Top Gun producer-director, 68, jumped off a bridge in Los Angeles Harbor. While his family is disputing a report that he had inoperable brain cancer, health issues are among possible reasons that are being explored, according to the Los Angeles County coroner’s office.

Officials said any findings have been deferred until more tests are completed, including a toxicology report for any drugs in his system.

Asked if there has been any insight into why Scott might have jumped, Los Angeles Coroner Chief Craig Harvey told PEOPLE, “Not at this time.”

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Regarding details of Scott’s final moments, L.A. Coroner Assistant Chief Ed Winter confirms there was “a note in his car with some contact names on it. Sometime later, some of his friends located a suicide note at his office.”

He was not aware of the suicide note’s contents, he said.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Scott left several “instructional” notes to family and friends.

The newspaper also quotes eyewitnesses who were on the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro when Scott reportedly parked his Toyota Prius, climbed an 8-10-ft. fence and leapt into the harbor 200 feet below.

“He was on the roadway close to the fence looking around. He was looking around and fumbling with something at his feet. He looked nervous,” said witness David Silva. “I thought it was some extreme-sports guy.”

Scott “paused a couple of seconds and then began to climb the fence,” Silva went on to say. “He put his foot on the top of the fence and paused again. And then he threw himself off. I immediately thought, that guy is dead.”

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