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K.c. Blumm
October 25, 2013 08:50 AM

What’s better than meeting your idol? Meeting your idol and finding out that he’s even nicer than you imagined he’d be.

That’s what happened back in March when Sarah Moretti got to meet Tom Hanks backstage at his Broadway show, Lucky Man.

In a series of three videos that are getting buzz this week, the Oscar winner was wonderfully sweet and friendly to his superfan, who has autism.

Moretti squealed in delight and giggled as the Captain Phillips star walked into the room, holding a letter she sent him (that he kept). Everyone in the room went, “Awww” as he pulled her into his arms and said, “Come here, give me a hug, sweetie.

But he wasn’t done yet.

Hanks also took the time to look through a thick scrapbook that Moretti had compiled that featured pictures of Hanks’s career and his family. “Look how young I used to be,” the 57-year-old joked.

“Sarah saved all the things she could find about Tom Hanks over the years,” wrote Rita Abraham, who posted the video on YouTube. “He was so gracious to look through [the binder] and make a big fuss. Watch Sarah in the mirror! She is delighted. This is an A+++++ guy.”

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