Stephen M. Silverman
April 15, 1998 12:00 AM

Tom Green, 29, and Drew Barrymore, 26, may finally be married, though no one seems to be completely confident of that fact. In the past, the couple has tossed a few red herrings at the press and at the public regarding their marital status, and even were supposedly set to wed live from New York last year on “Saturday Night Live” — that is, until Barrymore reportedly got cold feet. But Green apparently said during a Tuesday online chat with USA Today, “We were recently married. People will figure it out soon . . . It has been a year of everyone asking us when we were going to do it. Now it is all over, and we’re happy.” He said the “I do’s” were exchanged in a private ceremony in Los Angeles “a couple of weeks ago,” and Green’s publicist, Eddie Michaels, has reportedly confirmed this. But Barrymore’s publicist said that the lovebirds were married out of the country. Go figure.

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