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Tom Cruise's Newest Role: 'Top Gums'

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Tom Cruise is about to become straighter than ever. Not that anybody was calling him snaggletooth, mind you, but the “Vanilla Sky” star is going in for a bit of adult orthodontia, his publicist has confirmed to Reuters. “Yes, Tom Cruise has braces — I don’t know what else to say,” said Pat Kingsley, adding that the wires sprang up on his famous grin about a week ago and are likely to remain in place for a “year or so . . . He’ll take them off for movies. To him, it’s no big deal.” The decision was made, said Kingsley, when Cruise, 39, took one of his children to the orthodontist — who noticed that the star’s teeth were out of alignment. Cruise reportedly is sporting see-through braces, though Kingsley said that one is able to see a single wire wrapped around Cruise’s upper teeth. So much for eating spinach. Speaking totally as an observer (and not one who’s put his hands in Tom’s mouth), Dr. Laurence Rifkin, a Beverly Hills specialist in aesthetic dentistry, told Reuters that Cruise is likely trying to correct an asymmetry in the “mid-line” between his upper and lower teeth. “It would be a subtle improvement to a great face,” said Rifkin. Meanwhile, in its new issue, Rosie magazine lists on its calendar for March 25, “100 shopping days till Tom Cruise’s birthday.” Which means it’s on July 3. Send him a WaterPik.