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This Girl Live-Tweeted the Experience of Accidentally Sexting Her Dad So We Could All Die of Secondhand Embarrassment

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Courtesy DearFashionn/Twitter

Think of the worst thing you could text your dad. Unless you and your pop have a very unconventional relationship, a nude selfie is near the top of the list.

But that’s just the kind of nightmare a Twitter user named Nyjah found herself in on Tuesday, when she realized a split-second too late that the sext she’d meant to send to a beau instead went straight to the inbox of her very own father.

The awkwardness only started there.

Read the entire tale of embarrassment and shame below. We’ll give her this: If this whole thing’s an act, she’s certainly committed to it. the story “The Internet Reacts to Luis Suarez’s World Cup Bite” on Storify

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