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The 87-Year-Itch: See These German Senior Citizens Become Movie Stars

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Hollywood is a town that runs on youth, but nobody told these senior citizens in Germany.

As part of a giveaway calendar, 19 residents at Contilla Retirement Group in Essen, Germany, recreated 12 famous scenes from the 20th century’s greatest movies, including highbrow classics (Cabaret and Easy Rider) to enduring blockbusters (Dirty Dancing and The Blues Brothers).

Ingeborg Giolbass and Erich Endlein recreate a scene from <em>The Seven Year Itch</em>
According to Der Spiegel, the senior center went all out to bring the magic of the movies to life and the models, who ranged in age from 75 to 98, were thrilled with the results.

Johann Liedtke and Marianne Pape perform the lift from <em>Dirty Dancing</em>
Ninety-two-year-old Johann Liedtke, tasked with embodying Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing, admitted that he may have had CGI assistance in lifting his partner into the film’s famous pose. (He maintained that he could have easily done the stunt in his younger days.)

Irmgard Alt and Siegfried Gallasch bust some moves from the famous <em>Saturday Night Fever</em> poster
The photos will run in a free calendar the retirement home is giving away to staff and families.

Wilhelm Buiting becomes James Bond
Head over to Buzzfeed to see all 12 of the portraits, and then read about this 92-year-old hero who saved an eight-year-old girl.

Marianne Brunsbach mimics Audrey Hepburn in <em>Breakfast at Tiffany’s</em>

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