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See Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera Transform 'Do What U Want' into a Diva Duet

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“Do What U Want” is the high point of Lady Gaga‘s Artpop, a shimmeringly sexy duet that sees Gaga offering up every inch of herself for her lover’s pleasure.

There’s just one problem: Gaga’s duet partner on the song is none other than R. Kelly, whose criminal history with underage girls lends an uncomfortable undercurrent to lines like “Do what you want with my body.”

On Gaga’s appearance on the Voice season five finale, her first televised performance of the song since the Village Voice reprinted the indictments against Kelly, the diva found a creative solution: Scrap Kelly entirely, and bring on Christina Aguilera for a full-on dueling-diva moment. But while previous divas placed on stage together would almost inevitably start trying to upstage each other, Gaga and Xtina seemed to have nothing but sisterly love on display. When they share a champagne toast at the end of the performance, you can easily imagine forty years of brunch dates in their future.

Watch the video above, and then click here to find out the winner of The Voice‘s fifth season!

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