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Gillian Telling
September 11, 2014 05:00 PM

Charlie Sheen is gaining a reputation for being one generous guy.

First he gave Lindsay Lohan $100K to help her cover an unpaid tax debt – now the Anger Management star is offering $1,000 to a waiter in Philadelphia, after he was left a mere 20-cent tip by Philadelphia Eagles player LeSean McCory.

Sheen Tweeted Wednesday, “Please tell Rob K I’m pledging 1000 dollars to him for the tip debacle. Just wanna help.” He also added the hashtag, #nojudgement.

According to PYT restaurant owner Tommy Up, McCoy and a group of friends were dining at his burger joint in Philadelphia on Monday when they left a mere 20 cent tip on a $61 bill. The irate owner posted an image of the receipt online, which has since gone viral. In a defensive Facebook post, Up explained why he’d posted the receipt, saying, “I couldn’t believe that anyone could be so callous Our staff was beyond excited to see him walk into our burger joint and was excited to serve him. That’s twenty cents on a tab of over $60. Twenty cents that our server has to split with the food runner and the bartender. Two dimes from an insulting multimillionaire.”

McCoy apparently defended his actions, saying he’d had bad service – something the restaurant owner disputed in his Facebook post. “Maybe Mr McCoy was having a ‘bad day’ after his big victory all that, but the reports of him receiving ‘bad service’ is a complete slanderous lie, and my crew here is better than that and deserves better than that,” Up wrote.

McCoy hasn’t denied leaving the measly tip, but has declined to elaborate. According to Les Bowen, a sportswriter for the Daily News, McCoy told him the story was "bull––––".

Like the NFL needs any more bad PR this week.

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