Courtesy Anna Kendrick
Cara Lynn Shultz
August 02, 2013 05:30 PM

After taking over the Internet last week, Prince George stayed behind closed doors for the most part.

But this is a good thing – because if we were overloaded with royal baby news, we would have missed this adorable photo of Joe Manganiello and a seal, and that would have been a very bad thing.

Read on for more news about Drew Brees and other wonderfully random things that happened online.

Everyone’s Pretend BFF Anna Kendrick Posted a Photo of Joe Manganiello and a Seal
This pic’s so cute you don’t even care that Joe’s not shirtless in it.

Adorably Snarky "Camp Gyno" Ad Features Precocious Teen Talking – Boldly – About Her Period.
The ad, for tampon delivery service Helloflo is funny, fresh – and let’s face it, there’s only so many times you can watch women do yoga on the beach in white unitards.

Ryan McHenry, Creator of the "Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal?" Videos, Shares New Goslingesque Vine to Show His Dedication to Fighting After Cancer Diagnosis.

Haim’s Catchy Single "The Wire" Stormed Music Blogs, Impressing Even the Most Discerning Music Critics
It’s awesome, and it’s not even about Idris Elba.

[soundcloud url="" params="" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

MTV Turned 32 on Aug. 1
“Remember when the M stood for ‘Music’?” – said everyone you know.

Drew Brees Takes to Twitter to Dispute Charge that He Stiffed a Waitress.
The New Orleans Saints quarterback tipped $3 on a $74 take-out order, not a sit-down meal.

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