Courtesy Keswani Family
Johnny Dodd
December 02, 2015 12:10 PM

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Long before Nik Keswani, 17, became a social media rock star, his sister Sarina could often be found protecting him from bullies.

“I’ve always been a really positive and kindhearted person,” says Sarina, 15. “But if anyone ever made comments about Nik, they quickly learned that they better watch out because I’d come after them.”

Sarina is one of the stars of’s web series The Keswanis: A Most Modern Family, which features her doctor dad Anil, “momager” Vaishali, big brother Nik – known to his millions of followers as Big Nik – and transgender first-grader Devina.

Sarina says her brother, who has a rare form of dwarfism and has undergone “more surgeries than I can even count,” was often taunted by other kids at school. Because he has problems with his hips, she would sometimes watch kids “waddle” while imitating his walk.

“It was hurtful and it really bothered me,” recalls Sarina. “I was never physically violent, but I’d always go right up to anyone who poked fun at him and tell them, ‘You have no idea what my brother has gone through. What if you were born that way?’ ”

Whenever she’d confront one of her brother’s tormentors, the reaction was always the same. “They were in shock and they always said they were sorry,” she recalls. “But they never messed with him again.”

Sarina is clearly one of her brother’s biggest fans. “He’s come so far over the years and dealt with so much,” she says. “He’s got such a great mental attitude and such a great way of coping with everything. That’s his mission now – to show others they can cope with anything if they have the right attitude.”

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