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Don't You Forget About Me: The Brat Pack Then and Now


Samantha Baker’s family may have forgotten her landmark birthday, but Brat Pack fanatics have no trouble remembering Sixteen Candles.

On May 4, 2014, the iconic John Hughes high school movie turns 30 years old. A film about the emotional annoyances and social snafus that come with being a teen, Sixteen Candles is still relatable today. Or, at the very least, ladies continue to wonder, “What happened to dreamboat Jake Ryan?

To celebrate the legacy of Sixteen Candles, we used Photoshop wizardry to bring Molly Ringwald and the rest of the Brat Packers together with their ’80s selves. The results are unforgettably rad.

All photo illustrations by Tiffany Hagler-Geard for

Molly Ringwald: 16 Candles or 46 Candles, It Doesn’t Matter

Molly Ringwald in 2013 and 1987

Anthony Michael Hall: The Brain Bulks Up

Anthony Michael Hall in 1986 and 2011

Demi Moore: This Isn’t Real. It’s St. Elmo’s Fire

Demi Moore in 1984 and 2013

Emilio Estevez: Who’s Winning Now, Charlie Sheen?

Emilio Estevez in 2012 and 1982

Ally Sheedy: The Basket Case Breaks Out in Style

Ally Sheedy in 1988 and 2014

Rob Lowe: Not Even Rob Lowe Can Resist Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe in 2013 and 1982

Judd Nelson: Chillest Breakfast Club Ever

Judd Nelson in 1985 and 2011

Andrew McCarthy: Sorry Duckie, Blane’s Still a Babe

Andrew McCarthy in 2012 and 1985

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