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Teri Hatcher Gets Apology from Tabloid

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Teri Hatcher received an apology Wednesday from Britain’s top-selling tabloid, the Sun, for a story it published last August that claimed she had sex with men in a van outside of her California home.

The Sun now admits the article was “totally incorrect” and regrets “the embarrassment caused” to the Desperate Housewives star, reports the Associated Press.

Hatcher’s London-based legal firm, Schillings, said the Sun had agreed to pay undisclosed damages as well as Hatcher’s court costs. It also said the celebrity magazine Heat agreed to apologize for printing the same allegations in August.

Last December, Hatcher accepted undisclosed but “very substantial damages” for libel from another tabloid, The Daily Sport, after it had made the same claims. The Daily Sport also ran a front-page apology and covered her court costs.

At the time the publications ran the allegations, Hatcher issued a statement saying she had “tolerated many ridiculous and fabricated lies and gossip in the tabloids,” shrugging it off as something that “just comes with the territory of fame. But when a story appeared about me, insinuating that I am an irresponsible and neglectful parent, I had to draw the line.”

Not that the Sun has ceased writing about Hatcher. In its Wednesday online edition, it quotes hunky Match Point leading man Jonathan Rhys Meyers, 28, as saying he’d like Hatcher, 41, to play Mrs. Robinson to his Benjamin Braddock. “She’s an older woman who I imagine could teach me a few things,” the tabloid, again quoting Heat, claims the Irish actor said.