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Jessica Haralson
June 17, 2008 01:15 PM

Memo to Taylor Swift: Don’t forget your microphone!

Swift, who is hosting MTV’s Total Request Live this week to promote her upcoming special Once Upon a Prom on that network, writes on her MySpace blog that she often loses her microphone on the hectic set.

“I’m getting more used to hosting, but my big problem is that I always forget the microphone different places … There’s a lot of scrambling and running [to find it],” Swift writes. “Note to self for tomorrow’s show: Tape it in your hands if you have to.”

Swift also writes about East Coast culture shock in the blog post. New York, she says, is “the busiest place I’ve ever been.” So busy, that one Manhattanite even walked into Swift’s SUV on a busy intersection, frightening the singer out of her senses. “I screamed SO loud … I gathered that sort of thing happens a lot here.”

Swift’s Once Upon a Prom, in which she picks a dateless teen to escort to the prom at Hillcrest High in Tuscaloosa, Ala., debuts June 21st on MTV.

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