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'Tarzan' Star Left Hanging at Border

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He may be the King of the Jungle, but he still needs his papers. Hunky Travis Fimmel, who plays the loin-clothed hero on the new WB series “Tarzan,” debuting Oct. 5, found himself stopped by U.S. Customs officials on the Canadian border this week, reports the New York Post.

It seems that Fimmel, 24, who hails from Australia, had been filming his new series in Toronto and neglected to update his U.S. work visa in time to fly into New York to promote the program. As a result, he missed his planned Wednesday appearances on “Live with Regis and Kelly,” “Access Hollywood” and other shows.

Even Fimmel’s new star status couldn’t expedite matters, despite pleas to the U.S. Embassy, which reportedly told him that anti-terrorist measures have slowed down the bureaucratic procedure.

As for his new show, PEOPLE reports that viewers should expect to see a very different small-screen version of the hero. Although he’s still raised by apes after his parents died 20 years ago in an African plane crash, the new series has Travis’s Tarzan brought back to New York City by his rich uncle, and then hunted in the concrete jungle by NYPD detective Jane Porter.

Also, the former (and usually shirtless) Calvin Klein model — who has told interviewers that he’d really rather slug back beers than work out — was thrilled to discover that his urban-dwelling Tarzan won’t be sporting the usual loincloth.

“You can’t get into clubs in a loincloth,” Fimmel told PEOPLE. “Where do you carry your money?”