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Tara Tagged in Apprentice Ouster

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Tara, a 28-year-old Port Authority PR manager, was the latest contestant fired on Thursday’s episode of The Apprentice.

While Donald Trump’s latest candidate search splits the teams into those with college degrees, team Magna (“Book Smarts”), and those without degrees, team Net Worth (“Street Smarts”), Thursday’s show was an example of how to school Street Smarts in the ways of the street.

As the week’s challenge got under way, both teams were charged with creating a graffiti mural for Sony PlayStation’s game Gran Turismo 4. The teams met with Sony execs and then were turned loose on their own blank 20-foot walls in Harlem to work with a graffiti artist who could best generate excitement for the new game.

Tara, a New York resident, was certain her grasp of street culture and Harlem gave her the cred to lead the team, and she quickly stepped forward as project manager for Net Worth. Calling herself a perfect representative of the hip, urban demographic Sony was trying to market its game to, Tara said, “I (will) lose a lot of credibility if Magna wins.” Alex agreed to lead the bookish Magna in the task.

From the start, Tara seems certain of the look and theme she wants her mural to have, while over at team Magna, Alex grasps for a motif before finally taking to the streets of Harlem to ask local residents what would appeal to them.

While Net Worth plows ahead with a spiffy design amid skirmishes between some of its members – notably Audrey and Craig – Magna is making progress, but just barely, and the team is further snubbed when Trump drives by their mural without stopping after he had already visited Net Worth’s site.

When the two teams finish their handiwork, their murals are visited by the Sony execs who bring along a focus group to critique both gigantic ads. While Net Worth’s ad appears to be the more artistically astute work, the group quickly dismisses it as a skewed vision of what Harlem represents, while Magna’s mural draws praise as representative of what the game has to offer.

The criticism has Tara quickly trying to backpedal from her creation, as she tries to lay some of the blame on Audrey and John, both of whom she accuses of not sharing information.