Stephen M. Silverman
May 12, 2003 11:41 AM

Despite Entertainment Weekly placing her odds of winning at 15-1 — not encouraging by any measure — swimsuit model Jenna Morasca, 21, surprised most everyone Sunday night when she was named the $1 million winner on the live finale of “Survivor: The Amazon,” the sixth edition of the CBS reality series.

And most surprised of all, it seems, was the Pittsburgh native herself.

“I’m shocked,” Morasca said, moments after she was declared winner over Matthew Von Ertfelda, 33, a restaurant designer from Washington, D.C., the Associated Press reports. (Ertfelda’s odds, according to EW, were 6-1.)

As runner-up, Von Ertfelda gets to bank $100,000.

Morasca told AP that in December she returned home from her Amazon adventure 20 pounds lighter than when she first arrived — and she was convinced that Von Ertfelda had wrapped up the sealed vote.

“He embodies everything a survivor is,” she said. “He’s an amazing guy. But I’m so proud of myself, and happy that I won.”

To regain the lost weight, “I stuffed my face with chocolate,” she admits.

And the $1 million? The newly wealthy Morasca says she intends to pay off school loans and take her mother on a vacation. “Then we’ll see if there’s anything left.”

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