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Suspect Caught in Marc Cohn Shooting

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The man suspected of shooting Grammy-winning “Walking in Memphis” singer Marc Cohn in the head during a botched carjacking was arrested after a 5 1/2-hour standoff at an abandoned Denver house, say police.

Joseph Yachteen, 26, was taken into custody for shooting and slightly wounding Cohn and the singer’s road manager on Sunday night, Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson tells Reuters.

Cohn, who is married to ABC newswoman Elizabeth Vargas, was released from a Denver hospital Monday morning after surgeons removed a bullet from his right temple that lodged in the 46-year-old singer’s skull. Jackson said the bullet nicked Cohn’s road manager Thomas Dube before it struck the singer.

“The bullet shattered glass and grazed (Dube’s) chin which probably slowed its velocity,” Jackson said.

Police said Cohn was riding in a van driven by Dube after a Sunday performance when Yachteen tried to take over the vehicle. When Dube refused to stop, Yachteen – who allegedly was fleeing from police and was suspected of using a stolen credit card to pay for a hotel room – fired into the vehicle, wounding both men before he fled the scene in another stolen car.

Deputy U.S. Marshal Steve Wallisch said marshals, acting on an anonymous tip, staked out Yachteen’s girlfriend’s father’s house and stopped the woman when she drove away. Yachteen, who was hiding on the car’s floorboards, ran from the car and holed up in an abandoned house, which was quickly surrounded by police.

After several hours of unsuccessful negotiations, police fired tear gas into the house. Yachteen emerged with a handgun and officers shot him with non-lethal rubber bullets and subdued him, said police spokesman Jackson.