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Kimberly Peiffer and Stephen M. Silverman
June 04, 2011 10:00 PM

Mother really does know best – especially when it comes to weddings.

Just ask actress Eva Amurri. Engaged to Kyle Martino, the player-turned-Fox-Soccer-Channel-commentator, since last December, Amurri, 26, tells PEOPLE that she’s relying on her mom’s expertise to help plan her nuptials later this year.

Mom, it should be noted, is Oscar winner Susan Sarandon.

“She’s so organized. If she asks me, then I do it,” Sarandon, 64, said at Thursday night’s Perrier-Jouet’s 200th Anniversary party at Manhattan’s Mondrian Soho.

For instance, “She told me to find the cake topper, so I’m working on that. I trust her judgment,” said Sarandon. “We’ve talked about a few things. She’s very smart and very organized.”

To say nothing of thorough: “Actually, she really did her research,” said Amurri. “She came with about 700 different cake toppers, so I have to go through them.”

Clearly, Amurri is grateful for the assist – even if, earlier this year, Sarandon told PEOPLE she was stepping back from becoming involved in wedding planning.

Said Amurri: “I’m so uneducated when it comes to weddings that at the end of the day I don’t really have that much context. For everything for my wedding I’ve had to look at a lot of examples.”

Unveiling the Dress

And while the bride-to-be is trying to pull a Kate Middleton and keep her wedding dress a total secret, especially from Martino – “It needs to be a total surprise. My fiancé is too crafty, he’ll Google it and figure something out,” she says – her mother isn’t so tight-lipped.

“It’s very her,” Sarandon told PEOPLE about the dress. “It’s very modern and young, and it’s the kind of dress that you could be in the entire evening – it’s very flattering but also very comfortable, and it doesn’t seem out of character.”

When it comes to activities for the wedding – Amurri won’t specify a date – Sarandon, who is a part-owner in the Manhattan ping-pong parlor SPiN, said, “I think we’ve got so many things planned we’ll probably do away with the ping pong. We’ve got a lot of other interesting things over the course of a few days.”

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