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'Survivor' to Keep Coming

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CBS and “Survivor” producer Mark Burnett, who apparently were feuding, have now reportedly patched up their differences, the result being that there will be a Burnett-produced “Survivor 3” and “Survivor 4,” at least, the network announced yesterday. (At issue was said to be Burnett’s claim to a percentage of the CBS’s estimated $100 million haul for commercials to be aired during next “Survivor”; no details of the settlement have been released.) The first “Survivor” series, which aired last summer, climaxed with 51.7 million viewers who tuned in for the finale. As for the next version, “Survivor: The Australian Outback,” after a post-Super Bowl debut on Jan 28, CBS said the show will move to a regular Thursday night slot to be followed by the network’s hit new series “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.” (That is considered an outright attack on NBC’s programming dominance on Thursdays.) “Survivor 3” will debut in the fall, said CBS president Leslie Moonves, meaning that his network is expected to win the November sweeps, notes the Washington Post. Meanwhile, Greg Buis, one of the original “Survivor” cast members, has just signed a contract with Donald Trump’s modeling agency, T Management. But, it turns out, Buis needed some work, in particular on his hair, said a spokesperson for the agency, which “had a stylist clean it up a little.” Buis’s look, says the firm, “is the all-American boy with sex appeal.”