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'Survivor' Runner-Up Plea Bargains

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Kelly Wiglesworth, the 23-year-old runner-up to Richard Hatch on “Survivor,” walked away from the show with a bitter tongue-lashing from fellow contestant Susan Hawk and $100,000. Hopefully, she can now put the title of ex-felon to rest. The former “Survivor” participant pleaded guilty on Friday to a misdemeanor of conspiring to commit credit card fraud, which she can have expunged from her record after paying $455 in restitution, performing 75 hours of community service and staying out of trouble for a year, reports the Associated Press. Wiglesworth claimed she didn’t know the credit card was stolen when her then-boyfriend used it in 1995 and the couple went on a two-day spending spree. Her community service? The former whitewater rafting guide will volunteer for a recreation program in Las Vegas for people with physical and mental disabilities.