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'Survivor' Cast Is Here

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Tribal time is now only three weeks away and it’s looking decidedly youthful. With the average age being 34, the new cast of CBS’s “Survivor: The Australian Outback” is slightly younger than the participants on last summer’s ratings smash, the first “Survivor.” Still, the new members of the tribe — whose adventures begin airing Jan. 28 after the Super Bowl, before the show moves to a regular time slot on Thursday nights at 8 starting Feb. 1. — reflect a wider range of ages, with the eldest being 53 and the youngest 22. Seven of the 16 new outcasts (chosen from a reported 50,000 applicants) who will be competing for the $1 million prize are 30 or younger. “They’re very much adventure seekers, and this group is probably a little physically fitter” and more “camera-friendly” series producer Mark Burnett told USA Today. Their names and I.D.s (as confirmed by CBS): bartender and aspiring actress Jerri Manthey, 30; singer/songwriter Mitchell Olson, 23; bartender and freelance production assistant Kimmi Kappenberg, 28; personal trainer Alicia Calaway, 32; administrative assistant Amber Brkich, 22; Harvard law student Nick Brown, 23; auto customizer Colby Donaldson, 26; chef Keith Famie, 40; footwear designer Elisabeth Filarski, 23; Army intelligence officer Kel Gleason, 32; software publisher Michael Skupin, 38; Internet project manager Jeff Varner, 34; and mother and part-time nurse Tina Wesson, 40.