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Survivor All-Star Jenna Wins Her Man

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Rupert Boneham may have been handed the $1 million on the special edition of “Survivor” Thursday night, but there was already good news for another player, Jenna Lewis, PEOPLE reports in its latest issue.

The Survivor: Borneo and All-Stars, chatterbox talked endlessly about being a single mom who’d left her twins, Sadie and Sabrina, 7, behind in Burbank, Calif. Only she’s single no more: She has tied the knot with model Travis Wolfe, 21.

“I was a single mom,” says Lewis, 26, who dabbles in writing and TV work. “I just got married! I wasn’t lying!”

The pair met at a Los Angeles restaurant in March, after she got back from Panama.

“I spotted (another) guy across the room and I turned to my girlfriend and said, ‘Do you think he’s cute?’ And Travis looked up and said, ‘Are you talking about me?’ I said, ‘No, but do you need your ego stroked?’ Love at first sight. I knew right away.”

In Las Vegas on May 1, Wolfe got down on one knee and proposed with a sapphire ring. “We were actually there on vacation before all the hubbub of Survivor. He asked and I said yes. We debated on whether we should wait and we said let’s do it now,” she tells PEOPLE.

“We wed at the Candlelight Chapel,” she adds. “Just us. No alcohol was involved. I don’t know if it was the same chapel Britney went to. I’m hoping not.”

And she kept it all hush-hush because … the network thought it was best: “I was going to tell people spontaneously because it feels really right. But CBS asked me to keep it under wraps to be revealed live.”

As for celebrating: “I think things are going to be busy for a little while, but then we’re definitely going to have a honeymoon. We’re thinking of Australia.”