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Surprise on 'Survivor': Outcasts Return

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There was yet another rude awakening for the hearty souls of “Survivor: Pearl Islands” Thursday night.

For the first time since the show’s debut three years ago, producers brought back six castaways who’d been bounced from the game and allowed them to compete for a second chance at the $1 million prize.

The six, who formed a brand new tribe called the Outcasts, were Nicole Delma, Ryan Shoulders, Lill Morris, Trish Dunn, Michelle Tesauro and Burton Roberts.

Almost immediately, the Outcasts were pitted against the other two tribes, Drake and Morgan, in an immunity challenge — which the Outcasts won.

This forced the other tribes to lose one team member each. Except that the Morgan group was spared having to put the decision to a vote when Osten Taylor quit.

Thursday’s episode was actually the first of two parts. Next week: two members of the Outcasts will be voted back into the game, to join either the Drake or Morgan tribes.

As for how the Outcasts survived after they had been voted off earlier in the game, it turns out they were hidden in a secret camp and provided meager rations of grub.