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Supporters Dismiss Diana-JFK Jr. Book Claim

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A new book by the late Princess Diana’s friend and astrologer, Simone Simmons, has some royal watchers and Diana loyalists up in arms.

Especially outrageous about Diana: The Last Word, according to reports from the UK, are the book’s claims Diana had sex with John F. Kennedy Jr. and that she once tried cocaine and had such a severe reaction she feared she would die.

The book reportedly says that in 1995 Kennedy and Diana hooked up at New York’s Carlyle Hotel, where his father once seduced Marilyn Monroe – and that Diana later boasted of her one-night stand.

As for the cocaine claim, the book is being quoted as stating that, after a boyfriend got her to try the drug: “It made her feel so ill. It made her feel sick, dizzy and breathless. She felt she was going to have a heart attack and die when she tried cocaine.”

The book also reportedly claims that in the weeks before their 1997 deaths in a Paris tunnel crash, Diana was trying to wean Dodi Fayed off of cocaine.

However, one Diana stalwart, her former butler Paul Burrell, brushes off Simmons’s book as “a fantastical story of nonsense in much the same vein as the mystical rubbish she used to feed the Princess.”

Burrell told the Daily Mirror: “That the Princess has an affair with JFK Jr. is simply untrue.”

Also disputing the book’s claims is Diana’s former private secretary, Patrick Jephson, who described the JFK Jr. story as “testing the bounds of credulity.”