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Kevin O'Donnell
February 03, 2012 01:10 PM

Madonna, a football fan? Who knew?

Even though she’s admitted she’s "nervous" about performing at Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show, the Material Girl told reporters at a press conference Thursday in Indianapolis, “This is a Midwesterner girl’s dream.”

As for the 12-minute show itself, Madonna explained: “Over the 25 years of performing that I’ve done, I have never worked so hard or been so scrupulous or detail-oriented or freaked out as much maintaining my sanity.”

The performance, which will feature Madge performing four songs with guests M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj, has been in the works for months.

“We started rehearsing in December and then we had the Christmas break and then rehearsing again for three weeks,” she told PEOPLE. “So I’m ready!”

One minor setback? A strained hamstring. But the 53-year-old insists she’s as battle-ready as any player on the Patriots or the Giants thanks to “lots of warm-ups and taping and ultrasound.”

“I feel like one of the football players now,” she said. “Mind over matter.”

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