Stephen M. Silverman
May 12, 2003 11:00 AM

The man who filed a lawsuit last week accusing Demi Moore of sexual harassment has a bit of a questionable past himself, according to some newly unearthed documents.

Lawrence Bass, 43, the former manager of the actress’s Idaho ranch, filed a complaint last week with federal authorities and the Idaho Human Rights Commission, accusing Moore of sexual harassment and discrimination after he says he refused her advances toward him.

But after doing some digging into Bass’s background, the Smoking Gun Web site now reports that Bass has been the subject of seven restraining orders, was arrested in 1998 for domestic abuse, and is wanted for failing to answer a five-count criminal harassment complaint against him.

Some of Bass’s restraining orders, issued by the Los Angeles Superior Court, were granted after he allegedly threatened the co-workers of a woman who cancelled a date with him.

In a declaration sworn by co-worker Alix Lawson, the reputedly 6’2″ Bass arrived at the woman’s office, verbally abused and threatened employees and warned one man that he had “put people in the hospital for less,” reports the Smoking Gun.

The Web site also mentions Bass’s alleged rage at the phone company once it cut off his service (for unpaid bills), and how he behaved toward the company’s chief. Bass purportedly said that he intended to make GTE president David Bowman and his family “fearful in their own home” and threatened that he would soon “go militant.”

Bass’s lawsuit against Moore seeks $200,000 in damages and claims that the movie star, 40, hit on him in the same manner she used to approach Michael Douglas in the 1994 movie “Disclosure.” Moore’s attorney, Martin Singer, told New York’s Daily News last week that he is considering countersuing, given that Bass spoke to the Star tabloid about the allegations.

“This guy signed a confidentiality agreement,” said Singer, describing Bass as a “disgruntled ex-employee” and calling his legal action against Moore “ridiculous” and with “no merit.”

Wade Hyder, an attorney for Bass, declined comment to the Daily News, and there has been no immediate comment from Bass’s camp on the Smoking Gun revelations.

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