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Stones' Sounds of Silence at Super Bowl

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The Pittsburgh Steelers may have claimed an impressive 21-10 Super Bowl victory over the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday night, but the Rolling Stones delivered a strong showing, too.

Only hitch: fearful of a possible Janet Jackson-like live-TV gaffe, ABC censors on behalf of the NFL put the Stones on hold, with a five-second tape delay during the rockers’ 12-minute halftime gig.

And the censors are reportedly happy they did. Unheard by home audiences were two sexually explicit lyrics. In “Start Me Up,” a word was dropped (a reference to a woman’s sexual sway over a dead man), while “Rough Justice” got blipped, too (a synonym for rooster).

Untouched was the 1965 hit “Satisfaction.” “Here’s one we could have done at Super Bowl I,” Stones frontman Jagger, 62, wryly said in introducing the group’s anthem. (His abs also got high marks.)

As for the national anthem, its delivery at the start of the game came from an unusual trio: Aaron Neville, Dr. John (in a tribute to hurricane-ravaged New Orleans) and Detroit favorite Aretha Franklin.

Neville sang half of the song in his feathery-soft voice, then was never heard from again once Franklin stepped up to the mic and blew the roof off the dome.