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Steven Tyler: Rockin' Grandpa-to-Be

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It’s hard to imagine Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler – he of the long scarves, tight spandex and distinctive yodeling “y-y-yeahs” – as a grandpa. But with daughter Liv Tyler expecting her first baby (with rocker hubby Royston Langdon) in December, he will be just that. So we just had to ask – what is that like for him? “It’s going to be the greatest present that I ever got for Christmas,” Tyler told us at the Fifth Annual Celebrity Hat Trick event in Boston, a fund-raiser for Denis Leary’s Firefighters Foundation. “What a beautiful thing under the tree, you know? I’m looking forward to it.” And what kind of grandpa will he be? “Oh God. I’m going to teach it to fish and just everything. It’s funny, I’ve not slowed down yet, but I’m really looking forward to holding (Liv’s) baby in my arms and loving it.” Luckily, he doesn’t have to wonder what to buy for the little one. “There’s a line of clothing with ‘Walk This Way’ and ‘Dream On’ and all that I brought her last week,” he told us. “Some company out of L.A. is doing them, and they called and asked if we would be all right with it. I looked at (the clothes) and I went, ‘Oh my God. Liv’s having this baby, of course I’m all right with it.'” (In case you have a rock ‘n’ roll baby to buy for: The company is Tappin Toes.)

Performance Artist
How well do you know your spouse? Faith Hill tells us she was in for a shock when she saw her man, fellow country star Tim McGraw, playing a boozing, abusive football father in his film debut in Friday Night Lights. “It was quite startling,” Hill told us at the movie’s Nashville premiere. “There was absolutely no sign of my husband in the movie – thank God! It was amazing to watch. I knew who the character was and I read the script and I saw him filming, but it is totally different to see him up there on the screen after it was finished, to see how powerful his performance was. I never saw him as the guy standing next to me right now.”

Getting Political
As the race for the White House heats up, celebrities are coming out in ever-greater numbers to pitch their candidates. John Cusack made his way to the hotly contested swing state of New Mexico recently, speaking to a rally of young voters in Las Cruces and Albuquerque and then addressing a crowd of John Kerry supporters in Santa Fe on Friday, before the second debate. “New Mexico is a really important swing state,” Cusack told reporters at the Inn at Loretto in downtown Santa Fe. “I’m here to do some retail politics, mobilize the base and get people registered with whatever star power I have.”

Another Kerry event recently at L.A. hotspot Avalon drew the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio; Kirsten Dunst; Mandy Moore; Zach Braff; Ashlee Simpson; Nicky Hilton; The O.C. stars Benjamin McKenzie, Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody; Mena Suvari; Joy Bryant; and the members of Maroon 5. The celeb-studded crowd was so supportive that they even stuck it out for the afterparty at Hollywood’s Spider Club.

Caught in the Act
Spotted Recently:
• A shades-wearing Halle Berry, shopping at H. Lorenzo in L.A.

Hugh Hefner, with his ever-present bevy of blondes, in a roped-off area at L.A. nightspot Prey. Also at the club the same night: Mark Wahlberg and Anthony Michael Hall.

Michael Vartan, Lara Flynn Boyle, David Spade, Rebecca De Mornay, Sacha Baron Cohen (a.k.a. Ali G) and Owen Wilson, all partying at L.A. club Guy’s on the same night.