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Stars Dip Deep into Pockets for Gifts

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There was no waiting for day-after-Christmas sales for Beyonce, Ashanti, P. Diddy and Yankee superstar Derek Jeter.

Snooping into their holiday gift-giving lists, the New York Post shows that celebrities can be very generous when it comes to their friends and family.

Take Beyonce, 22, who picked up a diamond-studded, stainless-steel watch from a Manhattan jeweler for nearly $20,000, says the Post, adding that the timepiece tells the time in five different time zones (which computes to almost $4,000 a zone). The gift was for her father, Matthew.

Even better, if you’re on the receiving end of things, is the $90,000 diamond watch from Jacob & Co. that Ashanti, 23, bought — for herself, says the paper.

Shortstop Jeter, 29, actually made two stops for a five-zone watch, though his reportedly cost $14,000 each. One went to his sister, Charly, and the other to himself, claims the Post, adding that Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, 33, spent an equal amount for a watch for his mother, Janice.

Not everyone bought watches this Christmas, however: Model Heidi Klum, 30, opted for a bargain $295 Cristelle cashmere sweater for her mother, Erna, while “The Simple Life” star Nicole Richie, 22, shelled out a big $50 at Best Buy to give mother Brenda a Polaroid camera.

Well, after a video cam got Richie’s costar, Paris Hilton, into such trouble, an instant still camera seems a safer bet.