Alex Heigl
May 11, 2014 07:30 PM

Obi-Wan’s dead, baby. Obi-Wan’s dead.

YouTuber Bobby Burns cut together a faux-trailer that re-imagines Star Wars: A New Hope in the hands of Quentin Tarantino. Cue the obscure 1960s garage rock.

While it might be a hard sell imagining one of the iconic family-friendly properties of all time as a hard-R-rated QT film, Burns’s editing job does pretty well. He’s basically assembled every incidence of violence in the first Star Wars movie, cut it together with some vintage tunes and added Tarantino-style credits. Perhaps because Tarantino follows a formula for his trailers, this effort works. (Particularly with some of Han Solo’s punchier dialogue: Honestly, Tarantino could’ve written the scene where Han shoots Greedo.)

The best sight gag, though, is probably Burns’s rejiggered casting: Steve Buscemi as Luke Skywalker, Harvey Keitel as Obi-Wan, Uma Thurman (naturally) as Princess Leia, Tim Roth as Han Solo and – wait for it – Samuel L. Jackson as Darth Vader.

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