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Spoiler! Twilight Saga Author Meyer Reveals Excerpt of New Book

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It doesn’t hit stores until Aug. 2 – but fans of Stephenie Meyer’s popular Twilight Saga series don’t have to wait that long for a taste of the fourth installment, Breaking Dawn.

Starting Monday, the author is offering an excerpt from the novel on And she’s excited about sharing!

“No more secrets,” Meyer writes to fans. “I can’t wait to finally be able to discuss everything that happens.”

Note: Spoiler Alert Below

In the published excerpt, part of the final installment of the series, Meyer’s main character, Bella, finally chooses to tie the knot with one of her possible paramours, Edward or Jacob. (Fans online have been eagerly debating which suitor Bella should choose.)

Recently, though, Meyer gave away Bella’s choice, telling EW that she enjoyed penning the wedding scene. Said Meyer: “It’s not a dream sequence! It’s the actual wedding between Edward and Bella. The wedding! I’m a girly girl so it’s something I’ve been waiting for too.”

Did the author choose well?

Time will tell. Message boards on the series’ official Web site have been shut down until the book’s release date to prevent spoilers from leaking.