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Spielberg: Saddle Sore

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Steven Spielberg, 54, has temporarily shelved plans to build a reported $7 million equestrian center for his horse-loving wife, actress Kate Capshaw, 47, in the exclusive Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, officials said yesterday. Neighbors in the area had criticized the filmmaker’s scenario for a domed, 27,000-square-foot riding center. (That would have been about six times the size of the average Brentwood house.) Attorney John Murdock, working on behalf of those who opposed the Spielberg project, told reporters, “Nobody just fell off a turnip truck, My assumption is they knew they were going to get clobbered at this (zoning board) hearing.” But a spokesman for Spielberg, Marvin Levy, told Reuters that the filmmaker has no intention of scrapping the facility and would refile his application with the Los Angeles Zoning Administration once he’s heard the complaints of neighbors. “There will be another submission,” Levy said.