People Staff
May 22, 2013 07:05 PM

Two young boys recently had an unexpected competitor join them on the basketball court.

Make that pretty much the coolest unexpected competitor imaginable.

While shooting hoops in Manhattan’s Chinatown, the kids were reportedly joined by Andrew Garfield, 29 – and the surprise visitor appeared to come straight from filming The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – he was still in costume.

One video shows the apparent Garfield dribbling and shooting, while another clip shows him high-fiving with the boys, patting one of them on the back and then heading back to wherever he was going – just as a spectator yells, “Andrew Garfield?”

Even though the man in disguise appeared to walk away without too much of a commotion, he continued to be followed by cameras from afar and he walked – still in costume – with a barely recognizable woman, who reports list as Garfield’s girlfriend, Emma Stone, trailing behind with their dog, down the busy, damp streets of N.Y.C.

Andrew, if that’s really you, bravo!


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