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Did a Meteor Light Up the California Night Sky?

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Bill Hary/Youtube

Los Angeles, San Diego, and more of southern California were showered with either meteors or the first fleet of the inevitable alien invasion on Wednesday night. Residents of Arizona, Chicago, and Texas also reported seeing a fiery light show.

The National Weather Service said that the sightings were likely associated with the South Taurids meteor shower, though the preponderance of YouTube footage of the meteor set to the X-Files theme suggests that some people have other ideas.

Dr. Laura Danly, a curator at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, told CBS that the fireballs are chunks of asteroids called meteoroids.

“They’re flying into the Earth’s atmosphere and they’re burning up,” she said. “It’s kind of like when astronauts return to the Earth’s atmosphere and there is all that heat during re-entry. Same idea. These rocks are literally burning up. And that’s what you’re seeing.”

Yes. Rocks burning up during re-entry. Or it’s aliens. Definitely one of the two.