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Sly Flies at Box Office

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Sylvester Stallone’s star is back on the rise after a long dry spell. His car-racing thriller “Driven” came in first place at the weekend box office, bumping “Bridget Jones’s Diary.” Overall, though, it was a sluggish weekend as far as movies were concerned. Three other new films — “Town & Country,” “One Night at McCool’s” and “The Forsaken” — opened and were pronounced dead on arrival. The weekend’s Top 10, according to studio estimates: 1. “Driven,” $13.1 million 2. “Bridget Jones’s Diary,” $7.5 million 3. “Spy Kids,” $5.7 million 4. “Along Came a Spider,” $5.65 million 5. “Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles,” $4.7 million 6. “Blow,” $3.3 million 7. “Town & Country,” $3.1 million 8. “The Forsaken,” $3 million 9. “Joe Dirt,” $2.7 million 10. “Freddy Got Fingered,” $2.5 million