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Remembering Shirley Temple Through 10 Vintage Collectibles


The peerless Shirley Temple captivated audiences throughout the 1930s in such beguiling movies as Bright Eyes and Curly Top.

Besides home video, her roles also live on today thanks to a staggering amount of Shirley Temple memorabilia.

Below, but a small sampling of the wide range of Shirley Temple collectibles currently available to her millions of fans over the Internet.

1. Little Miss Broadway Movie Poster

Poster for <em>Little Miss Broadway</em>
Price: $7,799.99

2. Bank of Canada “Shirley Temple” $20 Bill

Bank of Canada’s “Shirley Temple” bill
Price: $1,809.21

3. 1930s 27 Inch Shirley Temple Doll

Shirley Temple doll from the 1930s
Price: $1,350.00

4. Whitney Carriage Company Baby Pram

Shirley Temple inspired baby carriage
Price: $800.00

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5. 14K Gold Over Sterling Ring

Shirley Temple ring
Price: $560.00

6. Color Photo Autographed by Shirley Temple Black

Shirley Temple autographed photo
Price: $149.95

7. Shirley Temple Playhouse Paper Doll Set

Shirley Temple paper doll set
Price: $69.99

8. Children’s Film Book for Poor Little Rich Girl

Shirley Temple movie book
Price: $45.00

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9. Shirley Temple Glass Milk Pitcher

Shirley Temple pitcher
Price: $25.00

10. My Friend Shirley Temple Doll Pin

Shirley Temple doll pin
Price: $1.98

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