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Shia LaBeouf Admits He's Clueless About Himself

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Parade Magazine

Despite being considered one of the most talented young stars in Hollywood, Shia LaBeouf admits he has a “God-sized hole” of insecurity.

“Sometimes I feel I’m living a meaningless life and I get frightened. I know I’m one of the luckiest dudes in America right now,” LaBeouf tells Parade magazine in its June 14 issue. “I have a great house. My parents don’t have to work. I’ve got money. I’m famous. But it could all change, man. It could go away. You never know.”

At the age of 23, LaBeouf says he is still trying to figure out life.

“I have no answers to anything. None. Why am I an alcoholic? I haven’t a damn clue! What is life about? I don’t know,” says the star of this summer’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. “What I do know is, I screw up, and I know that I’m working on myself to be a better person.”

Last summer, LaBeouf injured his left hand in a car accident and has undergone several surgeries to repair the damage. “It was smashed so bad, it didn’t even look like a hand,” he says.

LaBeouf also discusses his unconventional upbringing: dressing up as clown at the age of 2 to attract business for his dad’s pushcart, performing standup comedy at 10 and dealing with his uninhibited parents.

“I come from hippies,” he says. “My humor came from seeing my parents have sex, smoke weed, my mom being naked – just weird hippie stuff, twisted R-rated humor.”
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