Stephen M. Silverman
July 07, 2004 09:00 AM

Things appear to be going very well for Tour de France favorite Lance Armstrong, who on Tuesday went into the race’s third stage from Waterloo, Belgium, into France.

There to cheer on Armstrong in his quest for a sixth straight victory, reports the Associated Press, was rocker Sheryl Crow, who struck up a relationship with the cyclist last year and who intends to be at his side through much of the three-week race.

“This year has been a crash course for me – learning what cycling’s all about,” Crow tells AP. “It’s an amazing sport. I have a lot of admiration for these riders.”

When he gifted the “All I Wanna Do” singer, 42, with a new bike last year, “I didn’t even know you clipped into bike pedals,” she said. “So this is how much I knew about cycling.”

But that was then. “For me, (a relationship with Armstrong) has been not only a great adventure, but necessary, I think, to my art,” Crow said, before quipping: “I guess I’m going to write a whole record about bike riding.”

Armstrong, 32, a father of three who is divorcing his wife of five years, Kristin, says he appreciates Crow’s presence, given that she will “do laundry and cook food, and do all of the things that wives or girlfriends do.”

Crow’s response: “Lance said it’s hard for me to be a cycling girlfriend? I’m sure it is,” she said, conceding that she never would have imagined becoming one.

“But life is funny. I’ve had so many incredible things happen to me, and I would say that meeting Lance has definitely been the most incredible. It’s changed my life,” she added. “And I’m happier than I have ever been.”

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