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Sherlock Returns for a Third Season

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Downton Abbey fans, think twice before changing the channel after Sunday’s episode.

Sherlock, the hit BBC series starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the enigmatic detective and Martin Freeman as his partner-in-crime-solving Dr. John Watson, returns to PBS on Sunday night for its third season. For the Internet, the premiere could not have come soon enough, with fans creating their own parody videos that pay tribute to the characters. A singing Sherlock? The AVbyte brothers thought of just that with their musical parody, in which Watson croons about murdering his roommate for keeping him in the dark after – SPOILER ALERT – faking his own death.

Elsewhere, an animated incarnation of Sherlock uses his keen abilities of deduction to ruin the outcome of several of Watson’s favorite shows, including Breaking Bad and Mad Men. “Oh come on, it’s right there!” he says in defense of revealing Don Draper’s infidelity.

While it’s anyone’s guess where the series will take the pair this season, or how Watson will react to learning his best buddy is, in fact, alive, one thing’s for sure: We’ll be watching.

Sherlock premieres Sunday at 9:58 p.m. ET on PBS. For more about the show, check out the current issue of Entertainment Weekly.

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