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Sharon Takes Ozzy, Kelly Label Shopping

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Divorce isn’t something one associates with the Osbournes, but that’s what’s happened, Sharon Osbourne has announced.

The heavy-metal matriarch and manager of the family said Friday that husband Ozzy Osbourne, 54, is leaving his Sony Music label after 23 years, and daughter Kelly, who issued her debut album (“Shut Up”) on Sony last year, is following suit.

Reuters reports that Sharon, 50, is negotiating the deal to leave the label, though it appears no deal with another label has been arranged. In her statement, Sharon simply said that her husband and daughter are looking for “fresh ideas,” without elucidating — beyond citing the departure of Sony CEO Tommy Mottola last January.

“Sony has been a part of the family for years … and Tommy Mottola was the person they had dealt with all those years, and when he left, they decided it was time for a change as well,” said family publicist Lisa Vega.

Vega termed the split “amicable” and shot down rumors that Sony severed ties to Kelly as the 18-year-old was finishing another album. (Her debut disc has suffered from lackluster sales.)

“She was not recording a second album,” Vega said.

In other music news, Michael Jackson, 44, filed suit Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court against Universal Music Group, claiming breach of contract over unpaid royalties and rights to his early recordings under Motown Records (now owned by UMG), says the Hollywood Reporter.

He seeks unspecified damages, a complete accounting of and payment of royalties owed and the rights to all recordings. There’s been no comment from Universal.