Alex Heigl
August 11, 2014 04:15 PM

“Live every week like it’s Shark Week,” Tracy Morgan once said. (In an episode of 30 Rock.) This week, though, that advice is especially true: It actually is Shark Week, the Discovery Channel’s seven-day celebration of nature’s most perfect aquatic killing machine.

To celebrate, we’re rounding up our favorite shark videos from Discovery and our own archives. Happy Shark Week – you’re gonna need a bigger monitor.

This Helmet-Cam Footage of a Great White Shark Encounter Is Terrifying

Jimmy Roseman’s harrowing footage of being face-to-face with a 12-foot great white garnered 1,600 shares and a serious debate in the comments as to whether he “provoked the animal.” (He did not.)

In Search of Colossus

Yes, it’s a great white named “Colossus,” and yes, it jumps out of the water majestically to devour seals in an awe-inspiring display of power and grace. And yes, people are looking for it.

Florida Kayaker Towed for Hours by 11-Foot Shark

The best part about this video was Adam Fisk’s glorious retelling of his encounter: “I took a South Florida sleigh ride today and I ain’t talking Santa Claus.”

Shark Bites Caught on Camera

The moral of this clip is, “When dealing with a shark, do not put your hands near the hole ringed with pointy things.”

Great White Shark Attacks, Sinks GoPro Camera

We’re not sure if camera-array company 360 Heros ever recovered their GoPros. Or if anyone took them up on the $5,000 reward offer. Somehow, given this footage, we doubt it.

One of the Biggest Great Whites Ever Filmed

“Could be over 20 foot long” is something that gets said out loud in this video. Her name is Deep Blue. We’re very pleased to meet her we think.

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