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Shanna Moakler on Crash: 'I Got the Phone Call You Dread'

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Chad Buchanan/Getty

“I just got the phone call you dread,” Shanna Moakler tells Extra in her first TV interview since ex-husband Travis Barker’s Sept. 20 plane crash.

“I actually thought when the phone rang, that it was Travis saying, ‘Oh, we landed in L.A. and I’m coming to you babe,'” she says in the interview scheduled to air Friday night.

Moakler reveals that Barker had a bad feeling about the doomed flight before he boarded.

“He had taken pictures of the plane and sent them to me He had a feeling that something was about to happen,” she says.

Of the six people on board, Travis and friend DJ AM (who described the crash in a PEOPLE exclusive) were the sole survivors.

“They were just in the back of the plane and Travis remembered where the emergency exit was,” says Moakler. “It’s miraculous.”

The former Miss USA admits they probably won’t be flying anytime soon. “We’re going to invest in a tour bus,” said Moakler. “Hopefully we will see a big AM-Travis show in the future.”

Moakler remains coy about her relationship with her ex but admittes she’d like to have more children. She and Barker have two kids together, Landon, 5, and Alabama, 2.

“Travis is my family I have a profound love for him and the rest you’ll just have to wait and see,” she says.

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