Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory
Stephen M. Silverman
November 11, 2012 12:00 PM

Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez may make headlines with their love lives, but going back to the beginnings of the game, which swingers really scored highest when it came to being Baseball’s Hottest Players?

Taking their full measure, literally, Kentucky’s Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory has offered up the fall exhibit “Baseball Hotties: Studs We Love,” celebrating the boys of summer who make fans swoon – and featuring some of the greatest eye candy ever to grace the diamond.

To determine which players would be included, “We began with a poll of the visitors of Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory,” executive director Anne Jewell tells PEOPLE. “There were only two players who showed up on everyone’s hottie list: Ted Williams and Derek Jeter.”

Adding on names took careful calculation. “We talked with women of all ages, researched other hot ballplayer lists, along with headlines and pictures from the 1800s to today,” says Jewell.

And while she says “baseball has been blessed with a lot of good-looking guys, we couldn’t fit them all into the exhibition.” Instead, what is there is “a representative variety over time and a chance for fans to voice their own opinions.”

As for what makes a baseball player hot, “For starters,” says Jewell, “good looks and a great physique. Personality comes into play, along with charity work and overall charisma.”

She also points out, “A lot of the hottest players are the ‘coolest,’ too. They don’t make a show of their sexiness, so we did it for them.”

With some of the players shown only discreetly covered in all their locker-room glory, it’s also, not surprisingly, proving to be the museum’s most popular exhibit of all time in terms of national attention, with requests that the exhibit travel.

But there is more hotness to come, as baseball fans everywhere are now being asked to vote on choosing the final three in an inaugural top 10 lineup for the “Baseball Hotties Hall of Fame.”

Those who’ve already scored homeruns are (in alphabetical order) Roberto Clemente, Lou Gehrig, Derek Jeter, Mike “King” Kelly, Jim Palmer, Jackie Robinson and Ted Williams.

“The response,” says Jewell, “has been tremendous – tens of thousands of votes have come in so far.” Batter up.

PEOPLE’s choice for the Sexiest Man Alive title will be revealed Nov. 14. Be one of the first to find out.

From left: Buster Posey (World Champion San Francisco Giants), Cole Hamels (Philadelphia Phillies), Curtis Granderson (New York Yankees), Cal Ripken Jr. (retired Baltimore Orioles) and Barry Larkin (Cincinnati Reds)
Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory

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