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Video: Man Throws $1,000 Into Delighted Mall of America Crowd

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Most people’s Black Fridays involve frantically throwing money at merchants, but last Friday, a few lucky Mall of America patrons were the ones being pelted with currency.

As a trio of vocalists sang “Let It Snow,” Serge Vorobyov, aka Serge the Car Hauler, lobbed $1,000 in dollar bills on the assembled crowd from the top of an escalator. He stamped each of the bills with the URL for his YouTube channel beforehand, which is a pretty effective form of marketing, we suppose. However, he did receive a security citation for his actions, which may offset the net gain from traffic to his account.

Vorobyov later posted a video clarifying his actions. He noted that he’s had “a really tough year,” and has gone through “a horrible divorce.”

” I thought I’d just spread some holiday cheer, be positive, and kind of pay it forward,” he said.

If nothing else, his timing is excellent: We wonder if “Let it snow” will become the new “make it rain.”