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5 Rules for Taking the Most Beautiful Selfies

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Courtesy Heidi Klum

We’ve seen you. Yeah, you! Posting self-portraits on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and everywhere in between. And hey – we don’t judge. In fact, we’d like to help you out with some pointers from our favorite pros: celebrities!

1. Set the scene.
Normally, we’d say don’t pose with anything/anybody that could upstage your good looks, which is obviously why we don’t have any Facebook photos with Duchess Kate. But we make an exception for Mother Nature, so follow Heidi Klum‘s lead (above) into the beautiful outdoors for your next selfie photo shoot.

Courtesy Jessica Alba
2. Show off your personal style.
Put the self in selfie with some personal flair, be it a hat like Jessica Alba‘s or your go-to statement necklace. If you’re going to share the spotlight, after all, it should be with something that flaunts your individuality, so each snapshot is a picture-perfect reflection of you.

Courtesy Kim Kardashian
3. Develop a signature look.
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Likewise, when you find that winning expression, use it every time a photo opportunity presents itself. Kim Kardashian nails her lips-sealed pout and sultry stare, whether she’s on the red carpet or playing paparazzi to herself.

Courtesy Jessica Biel
4. Filter, filter, filter.
We love Instagram – and not just because it lets us share our best selfies with the world. The filter options on this and other similar photo-editing apps turn your sweet snapshots into true works of art, much like this portrait of Jessica Biel.

Courtesy Sofia Vergara
5. Go ahead, pucker.
Think your selfie would get Sofia Vergara‘s kiss of approval? If the camera truly loves you, then love it right back with a sexy smooch. There’s no easier way to amp up your sex appeal.

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