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Seinfeld to Join Ex-Cohort on 'Curb'

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Fans of HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” saw their anti-hero Larry David get whacked in the head by a bathroom door opened by Mel Brooks on Sunday night’s season premiere, but Brooks isn’t the only funnyman getting in David’s way this season.

Ben Stiller also appeared in Sunday’s adventure, and, according to Newsweek, David also will be bumping into David Schwimmer and Jerry Seinfeld as the season progresses.

David, 56, of course, famously helped Seinfeld, 49, launch “Seinfeld,” and stuck with that landmark sitcom for seven of its nine seasons.

David — who reportedly netted $242 million from “Seinfeld” the show — tells Newsweek that Seinfeld the man will surface in an episode set in Manhattan.

“But don’t blink,” David says of the Seinfeld cameo, which, reports the newsmagazine, happened by accident when the comedian visited David on the set — and is brief.

In other words, curb your enthusiasm.

As for the show’s storyline this season, David is New York-bound, at least according to Sunday night’s episode. Mel Brooks wants him to play opposite Stiller onstage in the leading roles in Brooks’s Broadway musical, “The Producers,” and David wants the role, if only to be near the buxom actress who plays the secretary in the show.