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Watch This Man Break the World Record for Smashing Walnuts with His Forehead

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Some people are destined to lead, some are destined to invent, and some are destined to smash dozens of walnuts with their forehead. Mohammad Rashid fits into the third category.

In February, Rashid attended the 2014 Punjab Youth Festival in Lahore, Pakistan, and absolutely destroyed the world record for smashing walnuts with his forehead, breaking an incredible 155 in one minute. (The previous record was a mere 44.) Rashid is a martial artist, as you would probably have to be to have this kind of hobby.

Even putting aside the record, it’s an impressive accomplishment. Just when you think “He’s probably smashed all the nuts there are on that table,” he goes ahead and smashes more nuts. It’s a long table.

So watch this video from Guavo Media above and remember: Man was born to do great things.

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