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See Even More Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves on Kimmel

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Jimmy Kimmel brought back his fantastic Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves segment Wednesday night, with a shocking twist. This time, a surprising number of the mean Tweets were actually … good?

Sure, there were the requisite amounts of unfathomable abuse – why does Andy Garcia, of all people, have haters? – and impenetrable obscenities (particularly the ones aimed at Matthew McConaughey). But other Tweets showed a heretofore-unobserved level of wit that made their targets suppress a chuckle. Even David Blaine thought that David Blaine joke was pretty solid!

Vulture continued the story with a look at how this installment’s mean Tweeters reacted to being called out by name. Many of them were apologetic:

But most of them were psyched:

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