K.c. Blumm
October 18, 2013 07:30 PM

A lot of 7-year-old boys like to dress up as superheroes for Halloween but Landon Browne isn’t putting on Superman’s cape or Batman’s mask. This year he’s going as his own personal superhero – Dr. Jay Rubenstein, the surgeon who gave him the gift of hearing.

Browne turned up at Seattle Children’s Hospital on Wednesday wearing a lab coat, stethoscope and surgical gloves to surprise Rubinstein. “He worked on both my ears and he’s a great surgeon,” the little boy explained to Seattle’s KOMO News.

Rubenstein performed two cochlear implant surgeries on Browne, and in turn the little boy has become an important part of the doctor’s research to advance the way implant patients hear music.

“I’m pretty grateful to him for all the efforts he’s made on our behalf, and for him to do this makes it clear that he feels the same way,” Rubenstein said.

Browne’s dad is a musician and his mom, Alysia, is hopeful that one day her son will be able to hear music more clearly. (Implant patients often have trouble following melodies and deciphering changes in pitch.)

“I completely got goosebumps, because who would want their child to not experience the beauty of music,” she said.

For now Browne, who would have gone as a vampire or a prince for Halloween if he hadn’t dressed up as his favorite doc, is happy to show off his beat boxing skills, and charm everyone he meets with his precocious personality.

“I’m pretty smart,” he admitted. “I don’t mean to be not humble.”

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