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Scientific Puppies, Egypt & More: The Most Important Things on the Internet (This Week)

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While we were busy grilling and posting Instagram video of fireworks in celebration of America’s independence, Egyptians were posting pics of protests, as they demanded a more inclusive government. President Mohammad Morsi was eventually ousted – and the whole coup played out online.

Stateside, things online were much calmer – and cuter. Check out what happened this week.

Beneful Created a Goldberg Machine – with Puppies!
There’s a wagon full of puppies in this, you guys. A WAGON FULL OF PUPPIES!

Jay-Z Released Magna Carta Holy Grail to Samsung Galaxy Users
“But we have BBM!” said BlackBerry.

DJ Earworm Mashed Up All of Summer’s Hits into One Song
The San Francisco deejay’s annual mash-up is out, and depending on how you feel about the state of pop music, it will have you singing along – or screaming, “Get off my lawn!”

NFL Wide Receiver Robert Gill Runs 25 Miles Per Hour on a Treadmill
“That’s not impressive,” said some Internet commenter on his couch.

And of course, Egypt President Mohammad Morsi Sent the "Tweet of Defiance" That He Was Rejecting the Military’s Ultimatum
It was a Tweet that sparked a revolution.